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We want revolution grrrl style now...

So, last night, I had booked the jam space so that my punk band (The Rimjobs) could practice but, alas, only Samuel and I ended up showing up.  I had been in an odd, kind of stagnant-blah mood all day so at the beginning of practice I was some combination of pissy/bitchy, angry, and aloof,   Well, instead of pouting, I decided to have a go on the drums.  Holy fucking shit!  I've never let out that much aggression and rage on one instrument before. 

Within a matter of minutes I was standing up, crashing down on the drums as hard as I possibly could, all the while Sammy and I were screaming at each other.  It elicited this intense passion in both of us. The dynamic we had as a two piece (hella distorted bass and drums) was absolutely fierce!  Lyrics were coming via memories I thought I had long put to rest.  It was like therapy, only better because it was a physical workout. By the end of the 2 hours, I was a crying, sweaty, mess.  And, I'm not just saying that: I was literally crying during one song. 

I can't remember exactly what was yelled but I was essentially screaming lyrics about how the next time sometime touches my body non-consensually because they didn't know if I was a boy or a girl, they were going to have to deal with a broken arm. Fierce I tell you, fierce!  Samuel even said at one point "You know, this started out as fun but now it's getting really emotional." I concurred with them.

We even wrote a song!

I'm really excited to see if this duo goes anywhere.  We had such a brother/sister dynamic, I felt like we were the bastard, genderqueer version of Death From Above

Today, my throat is raw, my muscles ache, I'm exhausted, and, of course, I'm in absolute heaven because of it.  Like I said, it was like therapy only better.

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