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New Bands Discovered this year :)

So continuing with the theme of wow, 2008 is more than half over here's another list of new bands (that rock!) that I've discovered this year so far:

Grand Ole Party (sounds like the gossip crossed with white stripes)
$100 (ex members of Jon-Rae & the River!)
New Bloods (queer black no-wave influenced punk...need I say more?)
Blood on the Wall (reminiscent of a musical time when pavement, eric's trip, and sebadoh reigned supreme)
Deloro (cross between country and indie...similar to the Constatines)
Quest for Fire (see above)
Boris (okay, not new but new for me...the mind-melting noise of Merzbow crossed with the droniness of SUNN>>>O)
Jens Lekman (just download the song "You put your arms around me" you'll see...do it!)

yay, so there you go!

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