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Pronouns...oooh Pronouns *sighs whimsically*

So, I went to a BBQ  last night and had someone fuck up my pronoun (ie: He said...).  Honestly, this hasn't happened in sooooo long that I almost burst out laughing.  I obviously corrected her, and she apologized but still, instead of it setting off a 0-100 km/hour rage (like it did when I was first transitioning), it was more of a "really?" sentiment.  It retrospect, she probably did it because our initial intro was so gender-confusing.  It was really loud when we were introduced and so the conversation went like this:

Me: "Hi, I'm Kate" *waves
Her: "Sorry, did you say your name was Ken?"
Me: *laughs* "No, Kate"
Her: "Kevin?"
Me: *really loudly* "K A T E"
Her: "Ooooh Kate, ok hi my name is..."

So, my gender was probably never concretized in her mind, but honestly, I think my blase reaction to the pronoun fuck up has more to do with my acceptance of myself as an andro/butch woman.   Maybe it's internalized trans-misogyny rearing it's ugly head but I tknow that a fuck up hurts more when I'm in femmey attire because of the whole "man-in-a-dress" sentiment. It's like I know that people sometimes fuck up cis ando/butch folks pronouns sometimes too, so I chalk it up to that, rather than a transsexual thing you know?

Anyway, suffice it to say, I'm feeling quite gender-confident these days, and I hope ya'll are too :)


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