Kate Lamothe (mindtheft) wrote,
Kate Lamothe

Well I'm going out west, where the wind blows tall...

Hi LJ,

Long time no speak.  I thought I'd let you in on a lil' secret....

...I no longer live in Montreal :O

That's right I have moved to the soon-to-be-Olympic hellhole known as Vancougar *eep*  I'm feeling kinda lazy right now, but thought it would be appropriate to update this thing, so I'll do it in the classic way:

This is going to be my 4th full day in Van, and so far the ++++ have been
-getting picked up at the airport by friends of the family (ie: not having to use public transit or a cab with 4 bags of luggage)
-moving to the pretty rad neighbourhood called Commercial Drive...it's similar to Mile End in Montreal or Parkdale in Toronto wherein it's where most of the dykes, trannies, artists, hippies, and independently owned shops are.
-$300/month rent
-meeting/hanging out with my new roomates---Fancy, Kim, and Justin---all of whom share tons of mutual friends with me
-wandering around aimlessly on foot for the first two days, getting lost and loving every minute of it
-exploring every single grocery store on the drive
-after two days of walking, I got a bike!
-going to see $100 (an awesome bluegrassy/country band from T.O.) play at theBbourbon pub in gastown
-going to a talent show at a friend's (Travis) house, doing some 4 year old spoken word pieces and winning a prize for "sexiest talent"
-the talent show was a benefit for an autonomous/anarchist space that holds weekly events/discussion groups/film screenings/walking tours/etc. I'm going to a workshop there today on anti-olympic resistance work
-making a giant, 5 course brunch with the roomies and some of their friends
-pretty much eating vegan or dairy products that are free-range/organic
-smoking tons of B.C. pot
-reducing my consumption of tobacco/alcohol
-eating a pay-what-you-can lentil soup at the rhizhome cafe
-seeing my friend telyn a whole bunch
-meeting new people
-seeing the mountains ALL the time!
-the vancouver skyline at night

But of course, like always there are - - - - too:
-being sick since wednesday (just a cold, at least its not swine flu :P)
-having it rain *every* single day, all day
-the vancouver skyline during the day (waaaaay too many giant glass condo skyscrapers)
-having my bike not work right when I got it
-biking up the hills
-the super bougie yuppie/guppie folks around my neighbourhood
-way too many white-people-with-dreadlocks-type hippies here too
-being pretty broke
-the Bourbon pub being absolute douchebags. We had to show our ids to the bouncer outside, then show them to the door person inside, who THEN scanned the ids into a computer and took a webcam photo of us, and then got searched by the bouncers...all to see a fucking bluegrass band.  Coming from Montreal where I haven't shown an id, even at the SAQ, in years to that was a shock to say the least
-speaking of shock, I'm in total culture shock with the lack of french :(
-knowing that I'm going to be missing all of the Patrick Califia events in Montreal, especially the next against the wall :(

Anyway, that's my life so far out west.  Ya'll should come visit!  Or at least write to me!

1616 East Second Avenue
Vancouver, B.C.
V5N 1C9

I miss everyone sooooo much

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