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Dare ya to do what you want! Dare ya to be who you will! Dare ya to cry right outloud!

In the past week I've somehow managed to:

-secure all my letters needed to prove the real life test (ie: school, work, medical, volunteer stuff),

-book an appt with the local trans health clinic to get onto the SRS waiting list,

-have two lovely dates with a really rad grrrl (our dates consist of listening to lots of Sleater-Kinney & Sonic Youth, cooking yummy vegan dinners with cupcakes & gelato for dessert, smooching, and just generally being adorable),

-launch the I Want Your Sex Too! monthly night and raise $100 to help a local guy get his top surgery (he went in for it this week, so any extra money was absolutely critical!)

-donate the $100 at the aforementioned guy's "Brokeback Brodown" rodeo themed house party Saturday night at the grownup house. Some kids from Victoria showed up and donated $600! The house also sold home brew & homemade moonshine and had an auction to raise extra money. All in all, they raised $3500!!!! (Have I mentioned how much I love trans communities?)

-watch "She's a Boy I Knew" by Gwen Haworth twice,

-go to Telyn's workshop on D.I.Y. transitioning,

-go to the stop violence against sex workers march

-get a working record player and a bunch of new riotgrrrl/queercore/noise records (ie: team dresch, excuse 17, bush tetras, thurston moore side projects)

-go to a 4 hour Femininjas collective meeting, where we started working to organize a community forum for trans folk, among a slew of other actions/demos/political work we're undertaking

-work a shift at Spartacus (the collective bookstore I'm a member of now)

-AND--->get a job working at a really amazing anti-poverty organization called Rain City Housing. (check them out--->www.raincityhousing.org)

Hope ya'll are doing well :)

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